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Full Disclosure: This game was gifted to me to review by Organic aromas.

Organic aromas reached out to me to review their game called Aroma. They gave me the full range to write my 100% honest take on the game. I said yes because I was genuinely intrigued by a game centered around smell. I am excited about the implication of it being used for sensory play, and what role essential oils might be used for in the future for board games like Dungeons & Dragons.

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How to play

There are two different ways to play this game. There is Discover mode and Survive mode.

In discover mode, your main objective is to identify your five aromas faster than your opponents or to make it to the center of the board first. I enjoyed this mode the best because it involves more deception than the survival mode.

In discover mode you select a sent category you want to play and so do your teammates. The tiles form a circle. You remove the oils from your oil tray and place the empty oil tray at the bottom of your category.  After establishing who goes first, the first player places the oils randomly back into their oil tray. The starting player then selects an oil and identifies the aroma without revealing It. You want to win by making your opponent choose the wrong sent label.

So, you can either tell a lie or the truth. Your opponent has the option to agree or disagree before they can smell the oil. If they are correct with their guess and sees through your deception, they get to move their large icon one place closer to victory. If your opponent is wrong you are one step closer to victory. Ultimately either the first player to the center or the player who can identify all 5 of their aromas first wins.

My friends and I ultimately had fun playing this version of the game because it was weird in a good way. I can’t think of any other scent-based game I have played. The game is rated +14 but I think it could be played with younger children as long as they were supervised because essential oils should never be consumed.

In Survive mode your main objective is to eliminate players by naming all of their aromas. The last one standing is the winner. This was a quick and easy-to-understand game to play. The starting player takes their player piece and places it in front of any other player’s aroma token.

They then can smell and guess if they can identify one of their opponent’s aromas. If they are correct, they collect the aroma token and that aroma is taken out of the game. If they are incorrect the scent stays in rotations. If you are playing with 3 or 4 players you can not attack the same player twice. I found this game mode to be fun with 3-4 people but it wasn’t quite as exciting with two people.


The quality of the graphics, scents, and packaging was really well done. None of the scent containers were damaged in any way. As far as the game I would give the discover mode a 7.4 out of 10 and the Survive mode a 7/10. Overall, it was a fun game and the sheer uniqueness of the concept makes it a unique board game to add to a collection.

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The cost of the game is $58.00 USD. Essential oils are typically pricy so for the packaging and them being included I understand why it is at the price it is. With that being said, I think it is a little pricy for games that are comparable in fun but are about half the price. You are really paying for a new experience with this game and that’s what you have to go into it as.


I can’t speak to shipping costs since it was sent to me for free. The package took several weeks to arrive for me. It may be faster than that typically but that was my experience. It was very thoughtfully packaged and arrived in great condition.

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Conclusion-Is it worth it to buy the game?

It really depends on who you are and what you are looking for in a game. If you are looking for a fun game that is inexpensive, I think you can find better matches that are just as much fun.

If you are a family that is looking for a way to incorporate sensory play, If you enjoy essential oils, or you find joy in the quirky and unique board games this would be a great investment!

If you are interested in purchasing click here to be directed to their site.


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