5 Best Board Games on iOS

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There’s nothing more convenient than having your favorite board game in your pocket, ready to go at a moment’s notice. On top of that, you get all of the benefits of having a digital game like eliminating game setup, having an AI opponent, and being able to save the game. Not to mention the digital version of games are usually way cheaper than the physical versions.

Apple iOS is one of the only choices for mobile board gaming and there are some great board games on the app store. On top of that, there are even some top-notch free ones which are no brainers to download.

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1: One Deck Dungeon

This is one of the simplest but also one of the best RPG games you can get. It is also set up perfectly for playing the game solo, which makes this game a prime choice for a mobile port.

One Deck Dungeon is a rougelike board game, a dungeon-crawling game that is randomly generated and death is permanent for the character so you have to restart the game once you die.

The physical copy runs for $30 while the iOS version comes in at just $7.

Considering there isn’t much lost between the physical and digital versions since the game is generally played solo, this is a great pick up on iOS. It’s also available on Android for the same price.

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2: Terraforming Mars

Terraforming Mars is a solid strategy game based around playing a large corporation with the goals of colonizing the Red Planet. The games physical version is great to play with friends and has some complexities that make it hard to master.

However, the digital versions solo gameplay and convenience coupled with it being inexpensive and having a great UI make it an easy choice for anyone looking for a game on iOS.

Unfortunately, there is one major drawback for the digital game compared to the physical version: there are no expansions for the game available on digital. This might be a deal breaker for some but rest assured it’s still a worthwhile pickup at the price, which is under $10 (compared to the $40+ for the physical version).

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3: Small World

This civilization building board game is a classic which has been on iOS since 2010! Despite it being one of the older games on the app store, it has had consistent updates through this year that have improved user experience and AI.

The game sells for $5 which is a bargain compared to the physical edition which can be around $40. On top of that, most of the expansions are available for purchase on the app store, which is great for anyone looking for some replayability.

Overall, this is a great pickup if you’re looking for bang for your buck. There’s a lot of longevity in the content and the solid gameplay that made the physical game so popular.

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4: Twilight Struggle

This game held the top spot on Board Game Geek for quite some time and holds a special spot in the board game community. Despite its lackluster look, its complexity charmed everyone that tried the cold war based game out.

The iOS adaptation doesn’t let fans down, with a good UI that’s intuitive to use and a decent tutorial. One drawback here is that the AI isn’t the best but is definitely not the worst board game AI either.

It’s normally priced at $8 which far cheaper than the physical edition will run you at $55.

Definitely worth picking up if you’re interesting in learning to play this modern classic, or are looking for a more convenient way to tote this game around with you.

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5: Pandemic

This game really brought co-op to the forefront of board gaming. Since its release in 2008, it’s become a classic. It took 5 more years to get to iOS and give fans the ability to play it anywhere, anytime.

In Pandemic you play as a disease-fighting specialist as the world falls into a catastrophic pandemic with several diseases breaking out across the globe.

Since the app released in 2013, it has consistent updates throughout the years which have made it a really great app. The UI is nifty and there are some animations that make playing the digital version pretty cool.

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