5 Best Board Games on Android

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Having your favorite board games on mobile is a dream. On top of the games being so cheap to get on pretty much any mobile platform, being able to pause the game is a godsend for some really long tabletop games. On top of that, these games have AI to control the opponents which is great if you’re trying to play games solo.

Unfortunately, not all games are offered on every platform. Some games on iOS are not available on Android and vice versa.

These are the best board games on the Android app market.

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1: Terraforming Mars

This game making the jump to mobile probably the greatest thing to happen to mobile board gaming. Not only is it a fantastic strategy game, but it’s also one of the top-ranked board games on the market.

In Terraforming Mars you play a large corporation intent on making the surface of Mars livable. Naturally, there’s a lot of money involved in making the Red Planet human habitable, so there are other corporations racing you to the finish line.

These other corporations are usually played by other people but in the mobile version, there is a fantastic AI that can control the other corporations which makes this game much more fun to play solo.

Needless to say, this game has always been a great one and the mobile version doesn’t disappoint especially with a $9 price tag.

Pick it up on Google Play

2: Raiders of the North Sea

This board game has been held in pretty high regard since its release in 2015. Its mobile version is equally revered.

Players play Viking warriors trying to impress the chieftain by raiding settlements. The game is based around a worker placement mechanic which is where the placement of “worker” pieces gives the players points or resources.

Naturally, there’s a lot of strategy involved in this game and the AI implementation is great. There’s also a multiplayer mode that works great.

Raiders is mounting a serious challenge as one of the best mobile board games out there.


So this is another great game to pick up on Android.

Pick it up on Google Play

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3: One Deck Dungeon

This is one of the simplest and cleanest RPG tabletop games. It is practically made for mobile since it is made to be played solo and is extremely simple compared to most RPG games.

One Deck Dungeon is a dungeon crawling rouglike game where 1-2 players try to fight there way through the depths of a dungeon and beat the final boss.

The physical copy of this game is cheap, so the price isn’t the main reason to go for the mobile version. However, the convenience of having this game in your pocket is awesome.

Pick it up on Google Play

4: Galaxy Trucker

Galaxy Trucker is a tile-laying game where players build a ship and then using the ships to deliver goods for currency. The currency is called credits and the player with the most credits at the end of the game wins.

It’s a classic game that originally released in 2007 but the mobile version was released in 2014. The adaptation has rave reviews from board game reviewers and app reviewers alike.

This is one hell of a good game

Pocket Tactics

This is a top-notch port of a great tabletop game and at $5 there isn’t any reason to pass on this one.

Pick it up on Google Play

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5: Tokaido

This is one of the cheapest games on the list at just $2, so that’s enough reason alone to pick it up. On top of that, it’s a beautiful port of a game that already looked great.

In Tokaido you play a traveler going through Japan on the East Sea road which runs from Kyoto to Edo. Your goal is to experience as much of Japan as possible by finding amazing landscapes, eating great food, and having unique experiences.

Of course, your opponents are trying to have a more impressive journey than you, so you’ll have to have better experiences than anyone else on the same road.

On top of being visually impressive, the mobile version adds an AI to play this game solo as well as online multiplayer. There’s a pass and play mode to play with your buddies on the same device as well.

Pick it up on Google Play


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