Chaotic Trading Card Game: A Complete Guide

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It’s easy for the Chaotic Trading Card Game to get lost among the late 1990’s card game giants. When you have Magic: The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Pokemon looming over you it is not easy to make your presence known. However, Chaotic went on to grow a cult following due to its eye-catching artwork and unique implementation of an online game.

The game is now effectively cancelled. However, there have been rumblings of a revamp of the series. You can find more information at the bottom of this post.

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What is Chaotic?

Chaotic is a collectible card game that came out in 2007. The game came out along with a TV show and online game. After running for 3 seasons, and making 3 expansions, the production of both the show and cards were halted and eventually cancelled.

There are 848 unique Chaotic cards that make up the release set and 3 expansions. These cards were divided into 4 different card types and 5 different rarities.

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Card Types

Chaotic Creature
Chaotic Location

The 4 different card types are:

  • Creature Cards
  • Battlegear Cards
  • Location Cards
  • Attack Cards
  • Mugic Cards

Creature cards are essentially the same as monster cards for any other trading card game. Each creature card is equipped with a Battlegear card that is typically a weapon, equipment, or vehicle. The Location cards set the scene for each battle and determine who takes initiative (attacks first). 

Attack cards deal damage, plain and simple. Multiple of these are held in the hand and players take turns dealing damage to defeat the others creature cards. Lastly, Mugic cards have varied effects that, in general, affect the players decks or discard pile.

Card Rarities

The 5 different card types are:

  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Super Rare
  • Ultra Rare

Besides generally defining the worth of a card, as in other trading card games, the card rarities in Chaotic also played a role in the online game. They gave different amounts of “ChaoticCoins” based on rarity to the members on the game.

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Chaotic Card Game Online

Chaotic Online Game

The online version of the game was an integral part in making this card game stand out from the pack. Unlike other card games of the time, Chaotic cards had a unique code on each card which allowed players to play with the card online.

This was a major draw for the game since other card games required two purchases of a card (once in real life and another online) to play either way. Unfortunately, in 2018 the online game was shut down with no indication of a return. 

At one point Activision made a Chaotic video game, which received middling reviews. Unfortunately, This version of the game didn’t have multiplayer.

It’s worth noting that this game can still be played on Tabletop Simulator on Steam, which is where what most online players use today.

How to Play

The objective of a game is defeating all creatures controlled by your opponent. There are two sets of rules for the game, apprentice rules and master rules.

The apprentice rules are an easy mode for new players and the master rules are how the game was meant to be played. Gamplay can be broken down into 3 basic steps:

  • Step 1: Location
  • Step 2: Action
  • Step 3: End of Turn

Step 1: Location

Location Card

Each player reveals the top card of the location deck which determines who has initiative (first move) in combat. The player that is active (his/her turn) uses their location.

In the master rules, locations also have abilities which affect the game.

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Step 2: Action

Chaotic Creature

Once the initiative is determined the Creature with initiative attacks first. The player that attacks takes these actions:

  1. Draws top attack card from attack deck
  2. Chooses one attack card and plays it
  3. Calculates damage dealt
  4. Places the used attack card in the discard pile

Once this is done the other player has a chance to strike and follows the same steps. Both players continue striking until one Creature card is defeated.

Step 3: End of Turn

Chaotic Movement

At this point one Creature must be moved into open spaces on the play space. All Creatures that have not been defeated are fully healed.

The location used is put on the bottom the location deck and the opposite player starts his turn from Step 1.

See this article for more information on how to play.

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Future of Chaotic

After its cancellation there was little information about the future of the card game. Recently, there has been some more information presented by Brian Gannon which indicates a potential return of the game.

Chaotic Brand 2.0 first day at Licensing Show in Las Vegas in the Epic Story Media booth. Go see Ken Faier and David Sztoser. Let’s get Chaotic !

— Bryan Gannon (@BCGannon32) June 4, 2019

Working on placement this year. Stay tuned.

— Bryan Gannon (@BCGannon32) December 16, 2018

So it appears that there is some work in progress on a revamp of the series. It also appears that Chaotic 2.0 will also be only digital


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