Best Board Game Cafes in Chicago

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1: Bonus Round Cafe

One thing I like to see in a cafe is a variety of old games along with the best new games. This cafe gives you just that, with over 450 games on the shelf.

Playing games is free here and they have a selection that allows anyone to find a game they would like to play. As with a lot of board game cafes, they have game guides that will help you pick out or show you how to play some of the games. 

As a bonus, this cafe is pretty much a full service restaurant with an entire menu to choose from. You’ll be able to find something to snack on while you read through that rule book.

2: Relo’s Board Game and Dessert Cafe

This cafe competes with the best of them. There are over 300 games on the shelf and plenty of coffee and desserts to choose from. 

It costs $5 per person to gain access to the games for the day. It’s just $3 for kids under 10. They also offer a monthly membership for $15. 

The main draw that this cafe has over the others on this list is its food. This is a great place to grab a snack whether you intend to pick up a game or not.

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3: Chicago’s Board Game Cafe

This one isn’t open yet but is the most exciting one on the list. The team at Cards Against Humanity are opening this full service cafe with hundreds of board games and 2 escape rooms.

It seems like the 300+ game collection will be free to play. Their site says the food will be inspired by Viatnamese, Spanish, and Mexican dishes and, based on the attention they are paying to the food, this is going to be a big draw to this cafe.

It should be a great place to get a bite, have a drink, and play some DnD or just sit down for a game of Scrabble.

4: Evanston Games and Cafe

Another great cafe, however this one is located just outside Chicago in Evanston Illinois. So if you’re just north of Chicago this will be a little more accessible. They have a full selection of food and drinks as well as some baked goods prepared by The Celtic Knot, a nearby pub.

Unfortunately, this place only has games to purchase. But there is a thriving community of tabletop enthusiasts that you’ll be able to connect with here, which makes it worth checking out.

Other Places to Play

These aren’t necessarily board game cafes but have collections of board games and good environments to play in.

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Chicagoland Games Dice Dojo

This place isn’t a cafe but it is a staple of the Chicago board game community. For that, it gets on the list.

There’s a ton of free demo games to play for as long as you’d like and there are plenty of events to choose from. They’ve got an active community for pretty much any game that can be played at a table.

Definitely worth checking out.

Click here to check out our board game cafe map to see other cafes in your area and around the country.


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