Best Board Game Cafes in New York City

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1: Hex & Company

Hex & Company’s is touted as “Uptown’s only board game cafe”. It was created partially by Greg May who founded The Uncommons and Dr. Jon Freeman who founded The Brooklyn Strategist.

Since both of those places are on this list, it only makes sense that this is the ultimate board game cafe in NYC. Recently a second location opened up, in part due to a successful Kickstarter campaign. The second location is in Manhattans upper East side. 

It costs $10 to for access to the game collection, the same as The Uncommons. However, there is no time limit for these cafes.

2: The Brooklyn Strategist

This is a fantastic board game cafe located in Brooklyn. The cafe offers 500 different games to play including some out-of-print games which would be hard to track down otherwise.

The shop also boasts great after school clubs. This cafe charges $10 for four hours of gameplay. The shop also offers several events, tournaments, and classes.

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3: The Uncommons

A great board game cafe right on the NYU campus where you can grab a coffee or a beer. It has a decent selection of food and drink on the menu but the main attraction is the huge board game collection. Perfect if you are looking to play the latest and greatest.

It costs $10 per person ($5 Monday through Thursday with a student ID) to gain access to the collection. There is also a three-hour time limit during peak periods. Click here to go to their website.

4: Squarrel Cafe

This is a newer board game cafe which opened in August of this year in Brooklyn. It has less of an internet presence than the other cafes on this list but has great reviews and a good environment and collection of games. 

Squirrel Cafe charged $5 to for unlimited play.

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5: Teadora

This is the perfect place to go if you’re looking for a calm environment with bubble tea and board games.

This Brooklyn based shop is definitely worth a stop for the atmosphere.

Other Places to Play

These aren’t necessarily board game cafes but have collections of board games and good environments to play in.

Fat Cat

This bar has a lively club atmosphere and is one of the most popular places to hang out in West Village. If you are looking for the frat house feel and are okay with the lack of food on the menu, this is the place to go.

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E’s Bar

There are two locations for this one, both on the Upper West Side, and both have a great menu and good collection of mainstream board games.

The best part of this venue, besides the laid back atmosphere, is the amount of space. Even on a busy night you will have no problem finding a spot to settle into a game.

The Compleat Strategist

This game shop offers a huge selection tabletop games. In addition, it serves as a gathering area for Manhattan tabletop enthusiasts.

Tournaments for Star Wars X-wing and Netrunner are staple events with the occasional Magic: The Gathering event thrown in.

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Kings Games

This is primarily an Internet cafe but they have several tabletop related events. Primarily, this is a hub for Yu-Gi-Oh and Magic: The Gathering tournaments. There are regular board game nights as well.

Click here to check out our board game cafe map to see other cafes in your area and around the country.


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