Best Board Game Cafes in Las Vegas

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1: Meepleville Board Game Cafe

This is easily the best option for a board game enthusiast in Las Vegas. A $7 fee will get you access to their 2000+ board game collection for entire day.

There are also employees that can help you find and teach you games off the shelf. There’s also plenty of space to set up large games which is harder to find at some board game cafes. Definitely worth a visit.

2: Groundswell Legit Coffee and Board Games

This cafe has over 400 games on the shelf and some great coffee. It is very much a standard coffee shop with free WiFi and a relaxed atmosphere.

A great place to go if you are looking for a reason to hang out and play a board game. It’s a great spot to hang out even if you don’t feel like tapping into the game collection.

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3: Dice and Beans Board Game Cafe

Dice and Beans offers organic tea and coffee. They also work with local dairy suppliers and bakers to get the freshest ingredients. This is another classic cafe with free WiFi and plenty of outlets to charge your phone or laptop. Of course, they also offer a pretty extensive list of games that you can choose from.

The wide variety of great food and drink complement this cafe and make it a great place to stop by for a snack.

Click here to check out our board game cafe map to see other cafes in your area and around the country.


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