Hero Forge Review 2021 – Is It Worth It?

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Hero forge got its start on Kickstarter where the company has raised over three million dollars in its venture to create custom miniatures! It has continued to grow in popularity since its initial Kickstarter campaign and now has 165,000 people that visit its website on a daily basis. What has made Hero Forge so popular and at the end of the day are the miniatures worth it?

This review lays out the pros and cons so you can decide if these miniatures are the right fit for you.

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I found the building process really easy to navigate. It was extremely fun and I immediately started playing around with all of the features to develop my character. I started at the initial category “species” but after the fact I wish I had browsed all of the options before I started.

There is so much to choose from and there may be options for your character that you overlook initially that may be a great fit. I didn’t realize upfront the extents you could customize and looking back I wish I had. I think I would have made my eagles proportions different if I would have paid attention to that feature initially.

In addition to that, there are some selections that alter your options. For example, if you pick a motorcycle versus a horse to mount it will completely change what options are available to you for your pose. So, it is a good idea to take a quick look through to make sure you are not missing out!


How close is the design to the printed mini?

I had so much fun making the model version of this premium plastic mini. It is definitely giving me some RPG inspiration. Here is a comparison of the hero forge model room vs. real life.

Image from Hero Forge

 I think overall it preserves the details really well. While the surface is not quite as smooth as the model version, I think it is the perfect value to price.

What is the quality of a Hero Forge custom miniature?

There are multiple types of materials you can pick for the miniatures which will impact the overall quality. I really appreciate the overall appearance of the premium plastic mini. It preserves all of the details that I really care about. I like that you can see all of the details in the wings, and I can’t see any obvious harsh plasticky lines (only minor). I am very impressed with the real-life version.

What are the Color Print minis like?

The quality of the premium plastic mini is way better than the color print mini. The color print material just doesn’t do it for me. The detail isn’t as close as the premium plastic option. Also, I would rather not have a color version if the colors are going to be so faint.

Image from Hero Forge
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How much does a Hero Forge mini cost?

A Hero forge miniature varies in cost depending on what material you select, what size you want, and if you want a physical or a digital version. For the premium plastic version, I made in the example, it was a standard $29.99 at checkout plus shipping.

Below are the six types available for purchase:

  1. Plastic- $19.99 plus an additional $20 fee depending on the size of mini (XXL)
  2. Premium Plastic- $29.99 plus a potential additional $30 fee depending on size
  3. Color Plastic- $44.99 plus a potential additional $55 fee depending on size
  4. Bronze- $99.99 plus a potential additional $120 fee depending on size
  5. Steel- $34.99 plus a potential additional $35 fee depending on size
  6. Painted Plastic (Available exclusively to Kickstarter Backers)- Starts at $149.99
  7. 2X Scale Nylon Plastic- Minis start at $59.99 USD
  8. Digital- $7.99

Tip: The digital version is adaptable to Tabletop Simulator.


How long does hero forge take?

You can expect to receive your mini in a range of 2-3 weeks. Overall, the wait time is a little lengthier than I would have hoped for. If you are planning on gifting a miniature, I would plan in advance.  

Hero Forge Shipping Cost

The shipping fee is a standard $4.99 at the time I am writing this article. I think the shipping cost is reasonable. I wish that they had multiple shipping cost tiers so I could have an option to receive the minis faster if in a pinch.  

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hero forge size comparison

The first joint of your index finger is about 1 inch long.

The base size for most hero forges miniatures is 1x 1 inch but you can make the scale of your miniatures larger or smaller from there. Click on “Body” and then “Measure” to adjust the scale of your miniature.  


Does Hero Forge paint the minis?

Hero forge works with tabletop miniature painting studios to create high-quality vividly painted versions of their miniatures. While they look amazing, they are only available to Kickstarter Backers. Not to mention, they cost a large $149.99. Personally, the price is too much of an investment to me.

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Gifting Hero Forge

Hero Forge gift card

Hero forge offers digital gift cards. If you are gifting a miniature, in most cases I would recommend opting for a gift card. It is too much fun creating one yourself! While it is cool to receive something physical, I feel that is an aspect you miss out on!

The gift cards are sent to your email. They can be redeemed as account credit during checkout or within the account credit tab on hero forge.

Conclusion – Is a Hero Forge mini worth it?

Absolutely! I think the pricing of the minis is fair for what you get. I think overall the premium plastic is the best cost to value. The upper tier items don’t seem as worth it to me because of the large price jump but not as large of a jump in quality.

Overall, I really love the company because they are always incorporating new features. The innovativeness and ease of use are ultimately what keeps bringing me back.


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