How To Play Jenga

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Jenga is probably the most popular dexterity game in the whole world. Since its debut at the 1983 London Toy Fair, it’s been sold worldwide. Learning to set up and play this game is pretty simple.

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Jenga Rules

Hasbro’s website has a full PDF of the rules but it’s pretty simple to play. Here are the basic steps:

  1. Build The Tower

    Place three pieces side by side and three pieces on top of those rotated at a ninety-degree angle. Continue placing layers until you have an eighteen story tower. Here’s a picture of how it should look:

  2. Remove And Stack Pieces

    Players each take turns removing any block below the highest layer of the tower. Using the same hand, they place that block on the top of the tower at a right angle to the block below it.

    When stacking, you have to complete the highest 3-block story before stacking higher.

  3. Ending The Game

    The game ends when a player either removes or places a block that knocks the tower over. The player that placed the last successfully stacked block is the winner.

    Your turn ends 10 seconds after you stack a block or as soon as the next player touches a block. So let the tower sit for 10 seconds to make sure it will hold from the last player’s move.

Jenga Variants

There are a few different variations to the classic game of Jenga that spice the game up some.

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Uno Stacko

This is a variant of Jenga with the rules of Uno. The blocks each have colors, numbers, and actions on them that represent the cards in Uno. Players stack the tower by matching block colors and numbers.

Jenga Throw ‘n Go

This version of the game included a die to determine which block (or blocks) to remove from the tower.

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Jenga Truth or Dare

This is a version of Jenga aimed at adults. The blocks are color-coded with “Truth” or “Dare” prompts that are written on them. Picking a red block means you have a dare that you will have to complete. The black blocks are truths that you have to tell.

Jenga Xtreme

This version of Jenga has slightly altered block shapes, which make for some more interesting tower building. The towers made with this set tend to lean more than towers made with the original Jenga pieces.

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Jenga Giant

This variant of the game is actually identical to the original except for one difference: the blocks are huge. The blocks are about 15 times the size of the original Jenga blocks.

Jenga Tetris

Tetris and Jenga actually go together pretty well. This game challenges players to play the classic game with a tower made out of blocks in the shape of Tetris pieces.

This is actually pretty difficult since the Tetris shapes are much more difficult to remove from the tower than the blocks in the original game.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many pieces are in Jenga?

There are 54 wooden blocks in Jenga.

When was Jenga created?

Jenga was originally debuted in the 1983 London Toy Fair.


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