LCR Dice Game Rules

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This dice game is actually a pretty dated game that has picked up some steam lately. Left Center Right (LCR) first released in 1983 and has been popular for its simplicity and how easy it is to learn. Although the game is mostly luck, it is pretty fun in a party setting.

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How To Play LCR

  1. Roll The Dice

    Each player takes a turn of rolling between 1 and 3 dice. The amount you roll is dependent on how many chips you have, if you have 3 or more chips you roll 3 dice. If you have 2 chips you roll 2 dice. With only 1 chip you only roll 1 die.

  2. Take The Actions On The Dice

    A dice landing on “Left” means you pass a chip to the left. The sides labeled “Right” indicate you pass a chip to the right. Rolling a dice that says “Center” means you put a chip in the center. A dice landing with a dot face up is ignored.

  3. Pass The Dice

    The dice are passed around clockwise for each person to roll.

  4. Continue Until Only 1 Player Has Chips Left

    The rotation of dice continues until only 1 person has any chips left. They gain all of the chips in the center as well.

Substituting Regular Dice

Regular dice can be used pretty easily. In the store-bought version of the game, there are 1 side with “Left”, 1 side with “Right”, and one side with “Center” on it. This leaves 3 sides with dots.

Here’s how to use regular dice to play the game:

  • 1 = Left
  • 2 = Center
  • 3 = Right
  • 4,5,6 = Dot

After rolling the dice and taking the right actions, the dice are passed to the next player. Once only one player has chips left, the game is over and they keep their chips and any chips in the pot (center of the table).

Just to recap:

  • Gather 3+ people, give each at least 3 chips.
  • Roll dice based on how many chips you have and do the action on the dice.
  • Pass the dice to the person in clockwise rotation.
  • Last player with chips wins.

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