15 Awesome Board Game Tee Shirts on Redbubble

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Board game shirts are pretty hard to find, much less finding one that is decent quality. Fortunately, sites like Redbubble exist that gives artists a way to sell their creations. It turns out a lot of those artists are very into board games.

After rummaging through thousands of shirt designs, I think I’ve found the best board game shirts on the site. 

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15. Gloomhaven Class Logo’s

I’m a pretty big fan of Gloomhaven so it only made sense that I would put this on the list. These shirts are pretty awesome and I especially like that they aren’t as obvious as some of the other shirts on the list. You’ll likely only have someone comment on one of these shirts if they’ve played the game.

The artist MeepleDesign has created a logo shirt for every Gloomhaven class so you can grab your favorite one.

14. Knight Takes Pawn

I was instantly drawn to this shirt. It seems like a great one to wear out to any board game event or just when you’re hanging out around town. You don’t even necessarily have to be interested in chess to enjoy the shirt.

The link I’ve dropped for this one is for the hoodie version which I think looks infinately better than the t-shirt version but the design is available in all the different shirt styles.

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13. Fireball Island

A T-shirt that pays tribute to the classic ’80s board game Fireball Island. Although I’ve never played it personally, this game is super popular for a lot of people that played it as a kid. Nostalgia for this game actually propelled a Kickstarter for a revamp of the game.

Even if you’ve never played it or aren’t interested in the game. You have to admit the shirt does look pretty sweet.

12. Pandemic

Pandemic was an instant classic when it came out in 2008. It quickly become one of the most popular cooperative board games of all time.

This shirt with the map on it is a great way to hint at the game without it overtly having the Pandemic namesake or cover art on it.

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11. Dungeon Meowster

This is an adorable DnD based t-shirt that I had to add to this list once I saw it. It’s also got some great color added to it, which really makes it pop.

A lot of DnD shirts can be pretty bland or over the top with references. This one strikes a fantasticly cute middle ground.

10. Gloomhaven Elements

Another great Gloomhaven design. Just like the Gloomhaven logo shirts, you’ll only really get a reaction out of people that have played at least a little bit of this game.

Unlike the logo shirts, the images on this one don’t take up a lot of space on the shirt. That makes this shirt a little more subtle and better for wearing around town.

9. The Impossible Board Game

This shirt combines the Monopoly board with the Penrose triangle. The Penrose triangle is an impossible object and optical illusion popularized by Lionel Penrose in the 1950’s. 

It makes for a great board game t-shirt that has super interesting look. Although this is lower on the list, it’s one of my favorites shirts.

8. Dark Side of the Moon D20

The D20 is the most iconic piece of Dungeons & Dragons and this shirt puts it front and center. Of course, it also incorporates the Pink Floyd prism from the Dark Side of The Moon album as well.

This is a cool little mashup.

7. Risk

A classic strategy board game that inspired Axis & Allies and Settlers of Catan. Compared to most of the shirts on our list this one is a little more apparent with what it represents.

Fortunately, there’s plenty of people out there that are fans of this game, so most people will probably recognize it.

6. Clue

Rolling along with the obvious branded board game tee’s we have Clue.

This juggernaut of a board game started out as Cluedo and become one of the best selling board games of all time. Pretty much everyone will recognize the game.

5. You Sunk My Battlestar

Ah, the classic tabletop game Battleship has ended in many fights between me and my siblings. This shirt combines the classic game with ships from the hit 1970’s show Battlestar Galactica.

I love how subtle this shirt is but everyone will at least be able to catch the Battleship reference even if the Battlestar Galactica ships go over their head.

4. Agri-cola

I love how at the first glance, you likely won’t see the reference on this shirt. The Coca-Cola symbol and marketing is so ingrained in us today that our brains almost fix the misspelling themselves.

Of course, Agricola is a fantastic worker placement euro-game that plenty of people have in their collection and the name works really well on this shirt.

3. The Meeples

The Beatles album Abbey Road is an iconic album from 1969. Surely noone will miss the reference with the crosswalk on this shirt.

The meeple has become a standard board game piece and a great symbol that the board game community has rallied around. Naturally, the play on words is what makes this shirt good.

2. Dungeons & Diners

This shirt is kind of ridiculous in the best way. I don’t feel like diving too deep into the awesomeness that is Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. If you’re not familiar, you need to flip over to the food network and check that out asap.

The “Escape from Flavortown” text thrown in there is a nice touch.

1. Scythe Synthwave

This synthwave pattern looks pretty dope and the rusviet faction mech looks awesome on it. This shirt is also by MeepleDesign which creates some of the best board game shirts on Redbubble.

They have also made a whole range of shirts with this synthwave background. Some of the better ones are the Catan and 7 Wonders shirts. Definitely worth checking out even if you aren’t into Scythe.

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